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We believe:

  • Risk management is an essential element of modern business operations.
  • Risk management is based on fundamental principles, including assessment and mitigation.
  • Risk-based decision making and risk-based problem solving™ are the keys to future business success.
  • Executives, management, decision makers, and operations personnel need to know risk and how to make risk-based decisions.
  • Everyone will need to become a risk manager.

How can we help you?

How we can help:

Quality + Engineering (Q+E) developed the Certified Enterprise Risk Manager® certificate program to provide training to engineering, technology and operational professionals.  Quality + Engineering has taken the global lead on operational enterprise risk management (ERM):

Why? Every day there seems to be a ‘Black Swan’ event. A ‘Black Swan’ event is a seemingly low likelihood, but high impact, catastrophic event, such as the Gulf oil spill, Toyota recalls, lettuce ecoli, volcanic eruptions, cyber security intrusions, and other operational risk events.

As well, cyber security, power grid, supply chain, interoperability, communications, and other standards are more often based on risk management principles. Risk management is now considered a core skill for the exercise of due care for all technology and operational professionals.

What is CERM?
Certified Enterprise Risk Manager (CERM) is a risk management certificate based n ISO, ANSI, IEC, and NIST standards.  We now live in the age of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity).  ISO has adopted Risk Based Thinking (RBT).  We now live in the age of VUCA and RBT.   CERM addresses VUCA and RBT issues by providing:

  • Risk-based, problem solving.
  • Risk-based, decision making.®

The Bootcamp is based upon and requires 1000 pages of review of the following textbooks that are core to the Bootcamp

AAA 3 books
Note: Visit 
CERM Risk Insights for more than 1,200 articles on risk and ISO 31000.

For more information on CERM, click here:

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Contact us for internal Bootcamp or consulting at 800.COMPETE – 503.233.1012 – Gregh@europa.com

Note: If you’re interested in a closer date or internal Bootcamp, reach out to us at 503.233.1012

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