Greg Hutchins is the risk evangelist who coined the expression Future of Quality: Risk® and is the developer of Certified Enterprise Risk Manager® certificate.


UntitledISO Risk Based Thinking is the first book to address risk management in the new ISO families of standards.   ISO Risk Based Thinking will be available February 15, 2015.  Pre-orders are currently accepted.  Book length is 320 pages (8″ x 10″ trim).  Cost is $89.00 USD + S/H. To order:

ISO incorporated Risk Based Thinking into ISO 9001:2015 and its management system standards.  Learn what Risk Based Thinking really means and, most importantly understand what you need to do to adopt risk based thinking.  Everyone who has adopted ISO management systems should read this book to understand and implement Risk Based Thinking.


ISO Risk Based Thinking cost is $89.00 plus S/H $6.00 in US.  Offshore shipping costs are handled individually. Contact: or 503.233.1012 in US for order information.

ISO Risk Based Thinking offers you the following:

  • Explains the rationale of ISO’s Risk Based Thinking into management system standards.
  • Explains key risk concepts such as VUCA, risk management, risk context, etc.
  • Presents insider tips and tools known to standards developers and high-priced management system consultants.
  • Explains risk management concepts such as Risk Based Thinking (RBT).
  • Lists critical risk, process, effectiveness, and RBT questions that your QMS consultant and CB should be able to answer.
  • Presents Risk Based Thinking based on ISO 31000 and COSO standards.


  • Access to hundreds of risk and quality articles.
  • Get a discount for Certified Enterprise Risk Manager® (CERM) certificate.
  • Get Lesson Learned at the end of key question
  • Get slide decks with specific risk information on YouTube.
  • Get a free course materials on using FMEA’s in ISO 9001:2015.


  1. Introduction
  2. New Management Paradigms
  3. RBT Context, Frameworks, & Definitions
  4. ISO 9001:2015 Standard
  5. ISO 31000 Guideline
  6. COSO ERM Guideline
  7. Business Case For Risk
  8. Executive Management Responsibilities
  9. Risk Based Thinking Journey
  10. New Quality Organization
  11. Certification Bodies
  12. Risk Based Auditing
  13. Risk Assessment Tools
  14. Risk Management and Control
  15. Future of Quality


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Greg Hutchins Is the principal engineer with Quality + Engineering.  He has written a number of best selling ISO 9001, supply management, and quality books as shown on the right.

I have been in quality for more than 30 years.  I go back to the Mil Q (predecessor of ISO 9001) and Mil I (inspection) days of quality.  I have been involved with Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) for a dozen years and product risk (FMEA) for almost 20 years.  A little more background may also help:

  • Principal Engineer with Quality + Engineering, a Critical Infrastructure Protection: Forensics, Assurance, Analytics® engineering firm.
  • Risk engineer and consultant for global companies.
  • Developer of Future of Quality: Risk slide deck that went viral on Linkedin.
  • 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 27001 management systems consultant.
  • Lead instructor and consultant for one of the first North American certification bodies.
  • Author of best selling ISO 9001 (translated into more than 8 languages).
  • Author of Value Added Auditing™ – the first risk-based, quality-auditing and assurance book.
  • Author of multiple risk-based, auditing books, which have been approved by national authorities.
  • Author of 100′s of quality and risk articles for ASQ, PMI, IEEE, IIE, QD, and many other journals.
  • Developer of Certified Enterprise Risk Manager® and other risk certificates.
  • Founder of CERM Risk Insights™ emagazine with a circulation that is doubling each year.


    • Hi Koen:

      I guess you’re interested in Value Added Auditing, which is currently available. Risk Based Thinking will be available October 1.

      Value Added Auditing is a 400 page manual and costs $89.00 USD> Shipping in USa id $6.00 and we can get it to you in 2/3 days. We accept PayPal for payment.

      Thanks for your interest. Hope this helps. Best,

      Greg H.

  1. Greg:

    We should talk once again about possible collaboration now that I am no longer with G31000. Give me a call anytime on my mobile: 845-263-4975.

    Congratulations on your book. You are welcome to post a promotion for it on my new LinkedIn Group called, “Risk-Based Thinking.” I’d also be thrilled if you started a new (non-advertisement) posting and considered becoming active there.

    • Hi Allen:

      Sorry, you’re no longer with G31000. Alex just sent us an email the other day on strategic partnering.

      Yes, we’ll get involved in the RBT group.

      I’ll give you a holler later in the week. Hope Labor Day is treating you well and you’re not working. Best,

      Greg H.

    • Hi Modidi:

      It’s good to meet you.

      Thanks for your interest in Value Added Auditing. Cost is $89.00 USD + Shipping/Handling. We would fed x it to South Africa based on current rates.

      Payment would be through PayPal. We would send you an email requesting payment and then you would approve and we would send you the book? Would this work for you?

      Greg H

    • Hi Modidi:

      Do you want us to send you an PayPal invoice for Value Added Auditing? The book will take 3 to 5 days to arrive. Best,

      Gre gH

  2. Hi Greg
    Please could you send me an invoice for purchase of the two books:
    Risk-Based Thinking and
    Value-Added Auditing
    plus shipment to Australia
    I can pay by Paypal
    David Page

    • Hi David:

      Value Added Auditing and Risk Based Thinking books are completed. We’ll send you an invoice via PayPal.

      Thanks for your order. If you have questions, please give us a holler. Best,

      Greg H

  3. Hi Greg,
    I woul like to order (and purchase) both books: Risk based Thinking and Value Added Auditing. Please send me the invoice to my email address and I’ll pay by wire transfer to you account.
    Don’t forget swift number and other bank details.

  4. I want to order the book RBT but have a question :
    The ISO 9001 : 2015 is still not out as yet ; how can the book refer to it ?

  5. Hi, I’m after a copy of both “Risk Based thinking and Value Added Auditing”.

    Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.


    Peter Hollman
    PO Box 556
    Wodonga, Victoria, Australia 3689

  6. Hi Greg,
    Nice to know that the books are available. Please let me know how to get them. I am located in India.


  7. Hi Greg

    Can you please arrange for a copy of ISO: RISK BASED THINKING to be sent to me in South Africa and also how do I go about paying using a credit card?

    Kind regards


  8. Greg,

    I wish to buy thr RBT.
    Is an e- book available? If so I shall be interested in it.
    I can pay by Debit / Credit cards.


    Subhash Dutta / India

  9. Hi there,
    i will like to buy both Risk based thinking and value added auditing, please let me know how to buy and I can pay with credit card.
    Regards, PC from Malaysia

    • Prakash:

      Good day. It’s good to meet you.

      We live in a time of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA). As you know, ISO is adopting risk in many more standards. The Risk Based Thinking book has been selling very well throughout the world because it provides context to ISO risk changes and provides tips on how to respond.

      Thank you for your kind comments. Best,
      Greg H.

    • Hi Peter:

      Good day. It’s good to meet you.

      The only option we have currently is a hard copy. Holler if you’d like to order the book. We will invoice you via PayPal ad you can pay using a credit card. Best,

      Greg H.

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